A little about us...

Hello.  We are Gary and Leslie.  Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us and who we are.  As a couple married for over 30 years, we enjoy traveling, family, engaging in business ventures, and living out an active & healthy lifestyle together.  At this stage in our lives, we spend about half of our time residing in Mexico and half in Las Vegas, Nevada.  These 2 home bases provide us the perfect combination of laid-back, simple island life coupled with the bustling, bright city lights!  We are grateful to have 4 young adult children and a large family network who we enjoy spending much of our time with.

Our love for the island of Cozumel began in 2020 when we experienced the glistening tropical paradise and the entire Yucatan peninsula for the first time.  For us, it was the combination of the beautiful landscape, lovely native people and endless activities that stole our hearts.  In fact, during our very first trip to Cozumel, we decided to get open water scuba certified and just could not believe the world beneath the sea!  Since then, we have obtained our advanced open water certification and look forward to getting our rescue certification in the near future.  In a nutshell, Isla de Cozumel provides us a sanctuary, an opportunity to reground, and submerge ourselves in the beautiful, Mexican Caribbean culture.

Today, we are so excited to share our love for Cozumel and our magical vacation rental home, Casa Graciela Cozumel at El Cantil, with you.  We have attempted to create a special space that serves as a backdrop and stage for memories of today, tomorrow, and those yet to be made in years to come for not only ourselves and our family, but also for all those who visit & stay in our perfect retreat en el paraiso.  Salud!